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With production of the Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlift nearly doubling, has ensured that our suppliers are getting additional work and economical gain during these difficult times.

As Synergy straight stairlift sales soar the Synergy production line has increased considerably, not far off doubling from 70-80 units per month up to 120-130 per month. With that and the forecast in mind, all our furloughed staff are due back on the line this month with scope to recruit a further member to the Synergy team.

Before putting this in place a lot of work has happened behind the scenes at Bespoke to ensure our suppliers can cope with the increased demand in these difficult times, to which our suppliers have catered for. This may require some of our suppliers to un-furlough some of their staff which is fantastic for their company, their employee and slowly but surely our economy.


If you are interested in joining the Bespoke Team, contact us to find out more.

Dave Johnstone



Straight Stairlift

The Synergy Stairlift



The Synergy straight stairlift, simple in it’s operation yet detailed in design. This compact design has a host of hidden features allowing you to reclaim your independence at home.

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Bespoke Partner Scheme

5 August 2020

Soaring Synergy Sales, Bonus for Suppliers

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One of our French dealers, UP-LIFE, have recently installed one of our Infinity Curved stairlifts for a resident of Bièvres, south of Paris, proving that no staircase is too awkward to fit to.

With its dedicated coloured rail to fit with the decor, Franck Keryse, from UP-LIFE, said that the customer was very satisfied with their choice and installation of the stairlift.


Curved Stairlift

The Infinity Stairlift



Designed to fit almost any curved staircase, the Infinity Stairlift from Bespoke Stairlifts offers supreme comfort and is the reliable inclusion to your staircase.

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Bespoke Partner Scheme

29 July 2020

Another Happy


The rails will return to our dispatch department. A final check will take place before palletising, wrapping ready for delivery or for one of our stairlift engineers to collect for an installation.


If you want to find out more about Bespoke Stairlifts and the manufacturing process, contact us and we will be happy to help.


Dave Johnstone



Manufacturing the Rail 02 WEB

The Manufacturing Process of the Bespoke Infinity Curved Rail

21 July 2020

After a customers home has been surveyed, the CAD department works on the drawings to give the best solution to the staircases. The technical drawings are then passed to the production team to work their magic ensuring the smoothest ride possible.

After obtaining the installation drawing, cut list, and the positions for the legs and carriage charge pointsThe Bespoke CAD team also provides the production team with all the information from the sales team. This is provided through the ‘Air Table’.  

The installation drawing is passed to our dispatch department along with a kitting list. Once the dispatch department knows the rail has gone to be painted they will then make up the kit box. from the information provided in the Air Table ‘kit list’ option and the installation drawing.


The Bespoke Air Table

The Air Table is an in house system which information is collected to assist the CAD and sales team to ensure the production team has all the correct information to fulfil our dealer's order/s.


The manufacture cut list is used by our CNC bending operator. The information CAD provides on this sheet will ensure the CNC operator will be able to bend the rail from start to finish correctly using the finest bending machinery in the world by the Italian manufacturer BLM.

Once the rail is bent off, Ellee or myself will hand the jobs out to our fabricators in the order we have received the drawings from CAD/when the order has been approved.

Manufacturing the Rail 01 WEB

The CNC Operator

The CNC Operator produces machined parts by programming, setting up and operating a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. Maintaining equipment, adhering to quality and safety standards and keeping detailed part records are some of the core responsibilities of a CNC operator.


Ellee will then update the Air Table to keep the Bespoke sales team up to date with where the order is in production through to dispatch, assisting in keeping the dealer or customer updated.The fabricators will use the cut list and leg positions drawings to build the rail to suit the drawings, the drawings will show the angles, leg measurements, bends, the radius of the bends, charge point positions and whether extra braces are required to name a few.

Once the fabricators have finished and “fettled” their job, the rail will be then passed to our testing department.

“Fettled”A Yorkshire term meaning to make, tidy or mend.


The rail tester will check for the following:

  • Minimum/maximum widths within tolerance
  • Spatter (The small particles that tend to fly out during welding)
  • Carriage ride quality
  • Leg positions
  • Charge point holes

Once all complete, and all check sheets are filled in from the bender, fabricator and tester, the rail will then be sent for powder coating.

Bespoke Dispatch 02 cropped web

Over the years our dispatch team have built close relationships with our freight providers making sure all orders move smoothly through the system.

Monitoring and tracking orders has become second nature to Bespoke

15 July 2020

We use one of the largest privately-owned logistic companies in the UK for our Road and Air Freight. Having both freights with the same company ensures that we can stay on track with our orders a lot easier and more efficiently keeping our global dealers constantly updated.

Knowing the portals like the back of their hands, monitoring and tracking orders have become second nature, even in the challenging times. We have sufficiently met our delivery dates by liaising with the freight companies both in the UK and overseas.

All shipped orders are sent on a very Low Stack basis and not crammed onto the trucks. With all carriages and rails safely and securely placed on the transport, ensures that they get to their final destination in the same condition they leave Bespoke.

Continued Global Support During Unprecedented Times

8 July 2020

During the recent months, disruption within businesses has had a domino effect globally on sales, manufacturing and production. At Bespoke, we’ve continued on the best we can.

Bespoke has been classed as key workers during the lock-down, providing our ongoing support to our dealers and customers. Support for our customers has been ticking over and we’ve made sure that their stairlifts are working correctly and are able to move around their home safely.

All breakdowns, services and installations have been carried out with the utmost respect to them and following the government’s guidelines and social distancing rules.

Install 03
Install 05
Install 04
Install 02
Install 01b

Just a few of the 42 installations completed in the past few months

We have been able to give continued support to the majority of our global dealers who have managed to remain operational, offering advice and training when required.

During these unprecedented times, Bespoke have achieved: We have completed 42 new installations nationwide since lock-down began with more still scheduled, keeping users safe inside their homes.  

We have attended over 100 call outs for service and maintenance, for both current customers, and non-customers, where their supplier was unable to attend due to the lock-down.

At the time of writing, we have started to see a gradual increase in our dealers starting to operate which is great news. We wish all our current and future dealers all the best in the next coming months.


Joshua Auty

Technical Manager


Near or Far

No place is too far for Bespoke to ship to. We find the best delivery options available via sea or air and try to keep costs down. Our overseas services are unbeatable, for all distribution needs for Europe and the rest of the world.  

Our Stairlifts are now installed worldwide thanks to our dispatching options, opening doors for Bespoke to install stairlifts in Singapore, Uruguay, Mexico, Columbia, Chile and Australia. Since January 2019 we have exported 1113 orders around Europa.

We have become experts in logistics. Rest assured that when working with Bespoke, getting your order to you safely is our priority.


Ellee Fortune



A Message from the Director

25 June 2020

As a company that exports 80% of its products, our dealer network gave us great feedback early on keeping us updated on the effects Coronavirus was having in their Countries. This enabled us to react early and plan for the coming problems.

We decided we didn’t want to let our dealers' orders sit in our factory for an unknown amount of time and let them and their customers down.

We planned a production schedule based on the orders we already had, not knowing if these could be shipped and installed.

Staff were informed of our plans and kept up to date at all times. Orders carried on being delivered to some of the worst hit countries and we didn’t stop production for a single day enabling our dealers to generate cash flow at this critical time. We are now back to 75% capacity and plan to be at 100% next month.

Bespoke were considered as key workers and ongoing support to all our customers continued. All breakdowns, services and installations being carried out follow the government’s guidelines and social distancing rules.

Important lessons have been learned as we move into a very different world, but we will be here to support our customers and staff as we build for the future.


We wish all our dealers and customers all the best for a healthy and productive next few months and we hope we can assist you going forwards.


David Burns



The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on global manufacturing and supply chains has seen many businesses come to an abrupt halt.

Fortunately Bespoke Stairlifts were in a position to see the Covid crisis early and prepare accordingly.

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